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7 April, 2022 10:15

April 7, 2022

An open letter to Charisma News.

Daily as I browse through my emails I’m confronted with the latest ‘prophetic word’ from some sincere believer or leader declaring their latest impression or feeling as to what they believe God is saying. Let me be clear I’ve been around the prophetic for well over fifty years and have worked with some Godly giants in the prophetic realm. My own life has been greatly impacted by the prophetic ministry for which I am deeply grateful.

Over the past 10-15 years we have seen what I consider a cheapening of the prophetic. Impressions, feeling, urges, thoughts and pictures are now considered the ‘real deal’ and sadly accepted without question as the ‘word of the Lord;’ and yet they lack the authority and conviction of the Holy Spirit. My real concern is that those who give these prophetic words are seldom if ever held accountable. Here is where I must challenge those who publish these prophecies. Taking the Lord’s name in vain is a serious and responsible matter. Saying the Lord told me, or the Lord says, should be weighed very carefully and fearfully before uttering the latest image or impression that pops into your mind. Those who proclaim these words as well as those who publish them must be held responsible for their actions.

Recently Charisma published a prophetic word by Hank Kunneman along with the video of his prophecy. Kunneman prophesied the following:

"Do not believe the lies, for even over Ukraine, the media—their mouth is filled. Listen to Me, the media—their mouth is filled with war rhetoric. And there are those who are pushing for war, and there are those who would desire to even make it look like Russia has done something to the Ukrainian people, inside of their borders, to bring them to war. Yet, I am and I have been speaking to the leader of the Bear.

"I’ve been speaking to you, Putin, and you are listening. Therefore, watch. Do not be caught up in the war rhetoric the media is creating. And do not believe when they report certain things that would desire to frame a picture and bring Russia and Ukraine to the place of battle. For My voice is speaking louder, and I am declaring truth. And My truth shall expose the truth over Ukraine.

"My truth shall expose even greater what they have resisted [on]—that which comes by the expression of freedom. And My voice of truth will continue to pull out of their holes, and I will pull the sheets off, and I will continue to show you what has been done in secret.

"You say, ‘But Lord, what good is it if nothing happens?’

"I said, I am the Alpha, I am the Omega—the beginning and end—and I’m everything in-between, and I know exactly what I’m doing, and I declare game over. This prophetic word was released to Hank Kunneman on Feb. 22.

The sad reality is that his prophecy was entirely wrong. The media by and large were correct and as we now know Russia has declared war on Ukraine with the tragic result of death and destruction everywhere. If the ‘game is over’ someone needs to tell the citizens of Ukraine that! Well over three million have already fled for their lives with tens of thousands fleeing every day.

Charisma, please step up and hold these so-called prophets accountable. To the best of my knowledge, I have not read one word of an apology from either the ‘prophet’ or the publisher. This speaks volumes to the state of the prophetic today.

If nobody else will, I call for Hank Kunneman to give an account for his misleading word. “I am declaring the truth’ turned out to be false!

Paul taught us that it was the responsibility of those listening to the prophets to pass judgment on what they prophesied. It’s time we held these men accountable. Charisma, I’m asking you to do the same.

PS. I sent this letter to Charisma but never received a reply.

7 March, 2022 16:08

March 7, 2022

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24 February, 2022 15:43

February 24, 2022

My days are long and lonely.

Tears flow freely.

Silence seems deafening at times.

Sleep provides some solace until interrupted by ‘How long will this go on?’

Death is final, allowing you to move on, but this seems endless.

They call it ‘the long goodbye’ for a reason.

In case you’re not aware, my wife is now confined to a home for Alzheimer patients,

Alzheimer’s is a cruel tyrant that controls both you and your loved one.

The constant ‘take me home’ at every visit tears you apart emotionally.

You feel guilty every time you have to say goodbye.

Your home becomes just a house again, with none to share it with.

It begins to dawn on you that this is how it’s going to be from now on.

I’m learning that self-pity is a deadly poison and praise is the only antidote for it.

Since pearls are created from problems, I’m determined to have a cluster of them before long.

In the midst of everything I’m learning to count my blessings.

Please pray for my wife as she has the most difficult role in this ‘long goodbye.’

This is the time to remember that 57 years ago I vowed, ‘for better or for worse.’

Our future together is one of everlasting peace and blessing and well worth looking forward to.