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11 June, 2022 08:51

June 11, 2022


I’m almost positive, that when you read the headline for this article that you thought to yourself, he must be out of his mind. Why on earth would Ravenhill support such a divisive and demonic theory? Isn’t our Nation already divided enough? Why add fuel to an already raging fire of racism and bigotry?

OK, before I go any further, let me explain. By CRT I’m not referring to Critical Race Theory but rather “Critical Rage Therapy”. Yes, we have an anger problem in our land that goes all the way back to Cain and Abel. This anger or rage is directed toward parents, teachers, classmates, police, and anyone else who stands in our way.

We live in a day of unparalleled lawlessness. Everyone is out to do their own thing by whatever means they can. Discipline is sadly lacking in our homes, leaving children free to roam the streets until all hours of the day or night. As a nation, we rank among the lowest, scholastically, in the world. We graduate students who are barely able to read or write. With this type of “success”, is it any wonder why tens of thousands of young men and women turn to selling or taking drugs to make a living? Gang membership has replaced the sense of belonging normally found in a family unit or church fellowship. Another major factor contributing to rage is the sad reality that not only have we removed prayer from our schools, but, even more tragically from our homes also. One could come up with a thousand reasons why we are in the state we are in, but, by far our greatest problem is, we have driven God out of our homes, schools, cities, States and Nation. When we throw our moral compass overboard, is it any wonder that our Nation has lost its way?

My remedy, apart from the obvious need of returning to God, is we need to teach our children how to deal with their own frustrations and anger. Let’s face it, many children grow up in divided homes, many have been abused physically, mentally and emotionally. For some, this leads to unhealthy sexual desires, while others turn to drugs or spend endless hours playing video games, gunning down the “enemy” while at the same time dehumanizing their fellow man. In the Black community some eighty per cent of children grow up without the presence of a father. Still others have fallen prey to the false belief that they will never be happy until they change their gender from boy to girl or girl to boy. All of these factors contribute to the false belief that life is meaningless, and for some, not worth living. Is it any wonder then that our children are frustrated, angry, and disillusioned with life?

My suggestion for teaching ‘Critical Rage Therapy ‘would include topics like laying a solid Biblical foundation of loving your neighbor as you love yourself, respect for human life (which would also include life within the womb). Lessons on the power of forgiveness, both God’s forgiveness of us, and our forgiving of others. Respect for authority should be taught from kindergarten through twelfth grade, together with the importance of a good work ethic and money management skills. I could list numerous other topics and values that I believe would help bring order and balance into the lives of those who God has entrusted to our care.

Why not contact your state legislator and suggest that instead of lecturing our children on Critical Race Theory we focus on the importance of “Critical Rage Therapy”?

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