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5 August, 2021 13:49

August 5, 2021


There has been a great stirring throughout the Body of Christ in recent years concerning our bridal preparation for the great Marriage of the Lamb. What comes to mind when you read these words, “The bride has made herself ready.”? Ready for what exactly!?

For some, marriage to our heavenly Bridegroom fills the mind with romantic thoughts of spiritual intimacy far above any physical earthly level ever could.

Let me backtrack for a moment and remind you that when it comes to marriage, we are not to be unequally yoked. In other words, “Two can’t walk together (live together) unless they be in agreement.” I could also add, “What fellowship does light have with darkness.?” If we dare to apply these principles to our relationship with Christ how well suited are we to be His bride or He, our Bridegroom?

Speaking of our heavenly Bridegroom, are we truly ready to be married to a king. Not any ordinary king mind you, but the King of all kings? Not only is he The King but also the Great Judge, the Great Shepherd, High Priest, Captain of the Hosts etc. All this begs the question how much do we know about ruling and reigning? How gifted are we when it comes to discernment and judgement? What about waging war, etc.?

I don’t believe Jesus is concerned about marrying someone who turns out to be a ‘golf widow’; a bride who shows little or no interest in her Beloved’s activities or desires. The emphasis on ‘Divine Romance’ is not about you and your beloved forever entwined together on some type of fantasy island, alone on some distant planet. I’m afraid this is the typical mindset of many of the younger generation who have been raised in a sexually saturated culture where marriage is more about the bedroom than the throne-room.

While we don’t have a detailed plan of our future role as Bride, we do know that we have been invited to sit with our Beloved in heavenly places as joint heirs. We know we will be given the task of judging angels, also as Priests of God and of Christ, as well as reigning with Him.

Lay those thoughts aside for a moment; how much time are we currantly taking in preparation for our ultimate eternal and heavenly calling as the Bride of Christ?

I believe the Lord is watching every action and reaction we take here on earth and how we respond to these daily ‘tests’ He allows us to encounter.

One final thought. Is it possible that not every believer will make up the Bride? If we don’t share the interests or purpose of our heavenly Bridegroom now; could it be we are unequally yoked? Time will tell.

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