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31 March, 2021 11:05

March 31, 2021


I’ve been amazed lately at the number of Christians, who have taken on the role of both judge and jury. I’m referring to people who have openly and mercilessly denounced those in the prophetic community who they consider “false prophets.”

While I do agree that great harm was caused by these prophetic words that failed to materialize as we were led to believe. I don’t believe that because they were wrong, that they can be labeled as false prophets.

I’ve received scathing videos denouncing these men as though they were instruments of Satan himself. One prophet in particular was singled out, even after he had very publicly acknowledged he was wrong.

This raises the question as to who is the most Christlike? Those who criticize or the one who repented?

In listening to the stone throwers, one would think they had lived a blameless and perfect life and therefore never needed God’s forgiveness; thereby giving them the right to stone their

sinning brothers or sisters. If in their great wisdom they knew these were false prophecies why didn’t they warn the rest of us long before now?

One of the most frightening verses in the entire Bible is found in the Book of James when he states, “Judgment will be merciless to the one who has shown no mercy, mercy triumphs over judgment.” ( James2:13) I for one cannot afford to assume I have no need of God’s mercy. The Psalmist too was well aware that he needed God’s mercy, “new every morning”.

As I’ve already mentioned, I believe the prophetic gift and office were dealt a major blow by these prophecies that proved to be wrong. Consider however the utter embarrassment and humiliation of those who gave these words. That alone would be an unbearable burden to carry and one that you can never really escape from. That to me would be punishment enough.

Let me state clearly; a prophecy that fails to materialize does not mean the brother or sister that gave it is an instrument of the Devil. Many times, the prophetic word may be 100% true; however, the interpretation and application may be misunderstood and applied by those receiving it. Take for example the incident in Acts where the prophet Agabus binds the hands and feet of Paul telling him that this is what awaits him if he proceeds to Jerusalem. All those who listened to this prophetic act and word were convinced that Paul was being warned by God not to proceed on his journey. Paul however received the prophecy as confirmation that this was in fact what God had called him to do. One has only to go to the previous chapter where Paul states, “I am on my way to Jerusalem not knowing what will happen to me there except that the Holy Spirit solemnly testifies to me in every city, saying bonds and afflictions await me.” Are we then to conclude that the writer of Acts along with the rest of the congregation were all deceived when they begged Paul not to continue on his journey? Let’s take this a step further and go back a few verses in the same chapter (Acts 21:4) Here we find the disciples at Tyre repeatedly telling Paul through the Spirit not to set foot in Jerusalem. Was Paul in disobedience? Were the disciples deceived in thinking they were hearing from God? ( We may never know) One thing we do know is that they were not maligned by their fellow believers and written off as false prophets or disciples to be forever shunned.

Just some thoughts to consider before you cast the next stone.

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