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1 March, 2018 13:03

March 1, 2018

Guest Article by Thomas Littleton


Infiltration of the Church – Cultural Marxism and the redefining of the Gospel

This outline is to help navigate a personal investigation of dangerous trends within the broader biblical conservative evangelical church. Denominations such as the PCA and Southern Baptist Convention have been impacted as have the Nazarene , CMA ,Assemblies of God . The new wave independent, multi-site and church planting networks are a further product of the influences behind these trends.

The church is experiencing a massive infusion of new language like Community, Social Justice, Faith Based, Same Sex Attracted Christian Trans Christian and others. Theologies of Work, Vocation, Economics, and the participation of the local church in Community Development, Community Transformation, Building Community is being touted as the churches calling to equality and Social Justice. This includes the vision of providing health and social services ,disaster relief, and to operate in these capacities as part of Faith Based Partnerships (FBP) WITH State and Federal Governments, large corporations and private foundations. The main issue is not with the work itself but with the partnerships.

The origins of and dangers of FBP to both the autonomy of the church and the Gospel itself are outlined here . The weakening of the churches resistance to progressive policies like gay marriage and the LGBTQ agenda and the adoption of radical immigration policy and participation in massive Muslim refugee resettlement are part of the FBP vision being sold to and by many denominational and church leaders.

Health Care is another area of massive problematic, long term impact by the FBP vision.

A Cultural Marxism Invasion and Vision Casting

A close examination of the origins of the leadership principles and vision reveal the use of Sociology, Theories and Processes of Social Change, Critical Theory, Race, Queer, and Social Theory on unsuspecting trainees ,pastors, seminary students and churches

Influential pastors who have been promoted, funded and trained by these influences now have their own organizations to train, equip, and vision cast for smaller churches and leaders as they carry out massive church planting strategies . Tim Keller’s, City to City and New York Leadership Center , and The Gospel Coalition are leading the promotion in the once conservative PCA and now reformed SBC affiliates. Bill Hybels and Willow Creek Association and his Global Leadership Network, with the help of disciple Andy Stanley, reach a broad audience of both denominational and independent churches with the ideology. Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven and PEACE Plan alone boast over 400,000 churches internationally involved in his network. Association of Related Churches is creating large multi-site non-denominational church /planting networks with similar vision .

Funding, resourcing and training from outside the church is making the unnatural growth of these models possible. Here is one example of such funding discussed in Philanthropy Roundtable.

A recent infiltration of evangelical and reformed seminaries with the Jesuit curriculum for social justice /liberation theology provided by Acton Institute and funded by The Kern Family Foundation began in 2013. Both Acton and Kern have very radical history with or partnered with promoters of the LGBTQ movement. These issues are discussed and extensive researched linked here and here

Most disturbing are the plans to exploit the churches resources once these distortions of the Gospel and vision casting is fully in place. The Obama Era FBP tool kit shows the extent of these goals co-opting the churches mission of both local outreach and domestic and foreign missions. It is worth the investment to read it.

Little has changed so far under the Trump administrations FBP vision. Massive dangers to religious freedoms and protections still exist. Though the work of the FBP may seem attractive however the churches and ministries/ denominations involved become government contractors and prohibitions to any actual gospel ministry are in the Obama era reforms and doubled down upon in 2015 . The Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution is used to validate such restrictions. The focus on dominion theology style /seven mountains / redeeming culture /cultural engagement – along with the yoking together of the church with government and extreme progressive corporate and private foundation funding goals (Warren, Hybels, Keller work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ) are and will continue to have a devastating impact on the churches eternal vision of the Kingdom of Christ in the Hearts of men. Have we have forgotten His words to Pilate “My Kingdom is not of this world “ John 18:36 or the reminder of Paul that” our citizenship is in heaven from where we eagerly await His return” Philippians 3:20 ?

These trends are not going away nor the concerns they present the faithful church and ministers of the Gospel. For more information you may contact me at revcoltom Thomas Littleton

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