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9 January, 2018 14:59

January 9, 2018


I consider myself Pentecostal, Charismatic, Evangelical and Fundamental. In other words I believe in the whole council of God. As the old song states ‘Every promise in the book is mine, every chapter every verse every line.’

Growing up I would often hear my Father emphasize Paul’s words to young Timothy “Preach the word”. By the grace of God I have sought to do that throughout the past fifty three years of ministry. Paul’s admonition to Timothy concerning the last days was that teachers would gather around them followers who would turn from the truth and turn aside to myths.

While what I’m about to say may not fully describe those I’m about to refer to nevertheless, they are edging that way. I’m referring to those who add the word ‘spirit’ to something or someone. For example the Jezebel spirit. Nowhere in the Bible do you find such a term and yet in recent years thousands of tapes and CD’s, numerous books and countless sermons, have been dedicated to this teaching. I vividly recall a well-known prophetic leader in the Body of Christ who has since passed on to glory; thirty years ago he wrote a book on the Jezebel spirit. John Wimber read the manuscript and rejected it for not having a sound Biblical base. Unfortunately that didn’t stop those with ‘itching ears’ from picking up the ball and running with it. First of all we have no right to combine the Jezebel of the Old Testament with the Jezebel of the New Testament. They are two totally different people and therefore we have no right to make a hybrid teaching by combining the two.

Jezebel was a self-appointed prophetess who seemingly taught and led in such a way that her teaching led to acts of immorality. Perhaps this was a perversion of the grace message, that all future sins have already been forgiven, therefore live as you please. What we do know is that the Spirit of God told the angel of the Church of Thyatira that Jezebel had been given time to repent; not that she had a spirit that needed to be bound or cast out.

Now I know that when you place the word spirit after some aberrant teaching that it helps to sell books and CD’s but it can also damage the lives of those who simply need to repent and yet are branded as some type of witch. As a former pastor I’ve had to deal with some of the fallout this type of labeling has caused.

Only the other day I was reading an article that was warning people about the Ichabod prophets. Once again this is a figment of somebody’s imagination and not a Biblical term. According to the writer, an Ichabod prophet is someone with a harsh or judgmental word. My recollection of why the prophets were stoned to death was not due to some sugary, syrupy word, but rather a word that went contrary to their beliefs and actions.

The point I’m trying to make is that when we begin to drift away from God’s Word and begin to fashion our own speculative theories and doctrines we are treading on thin ice. Remember Paul’s admonition ‘Preach the Word’!

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