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27 March, 2017 21:18

March 27, 2017


Congressman Peter King recently caused a firestorm over his comments about the flood of immigrants coming into America. The media immediately tried to paint him as a racist over his remarks. King however refused to back down, stating that he was not referring to race but rather to culture. His argument was that if the immigrant population doesn’t assimilate into our Western culture, but rather insists on maintaining their own, they will eventually weaken and destroy our culture and way of life.

King, I believe, is right in his viewpoint. Take the increasing migration of Muslims into America with their exploding birth rates; twenty years from now they will not only have outnumbered us but also radically changed our culture into their own. Once they gain the majority they will demand that we adapt and then adopt to their ways rather than their way to ours. This is the current problem facing my home country of England. Having opened it’s doors to any and all, it now finds itself with thousands of little enclaves that refuse to mix with those around them, while at the same time insisting that they be given the right to live and govern themselves according to the various cultures they came from.

Now where I disagree with Congressman King is that America has almost completely lost its Christian heritage and values, having replaced them with carnal, sensual, selfish, and worldly values of its own.

All that to say this, if America doesn’t have a God sent revival we are doomed!

Israel of old failed in this same regard. God told them not to mingle with the nations but they failed to listen or heed His voice; consequently they mingled with the nations, learned their ways (culture) and then began to practice their deeds, including the sacrifice of their children to demons and shedding innocent blood. (Psalm 106:34-38)

America is quickly adopting a far left agenda and culture that will soon destroy the very foundations of our great democracy. Consider how quickly the LGBT culture has impacted our society. Children are being taught that having two fathers or two mothers is as normal as having a mother and father. Muslims are demanding prayer rooms in our schools and colleges along with their own meal preferences etc. Now while all that may seem very innocuous for now, what happens when they become the majority and their lack of tolerance for anyone who wishes to live differently are considered as enemies for refusing to assimilate into their culture?

Which brings me back to our desperate need for revival. By revival I’m not talking about a series of meetings but rather a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God that impacts our towns and cities resulting in societal change. I know that may sound far fetched for many of you but keep in mind the impact the early church had upon their world. ‘These men who have upset the world have come here also.’(Acts 17:6) If one can chase a thousand and two ten thousand imagine how many one hundred or one thousand could chase? If we don’t do the chasing we will be chased, and not for the better. I want to not only save America but see America saved! The alternative…I shudder to think…

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  1. March 28, 2017 8:57 am

    Hi David, thanks for your insightful post. I live in a smaller city in Canada, and therefore write from a canadian perspective. Under a far left liberal government that just amended the bill of human rights to name specifically “islamaphobia” as punishable by law, Canada is happily hopping and skipping it’s way down the tangled path of politically correct inclusivity. “Oh aren’t I so nice” Canada smuggly says to herself as she pats herself on the back. Canadians after all are supposed to be “nice” aren’t we?
    I pray behind the little mosque in our city on Fridays during their prayers. I pray for the God of power to break through and reclaim the ground lost and do more than that..revive the church and take captives from the strong (islam). That mosque is a converted Anglican church building that was shuttered years ago! It is a monument and prophetic indictment to the church…it is an open mockery of the church and God’s name. It grieves me deeply. Another trophy of the devil himself flaunting his beachhead in our community. It is a foreshadow of what is to come.
    In the last 6 months the mosque’s parking lot has literally doubled with cars jammed end to end and even in the neighboring business parking lot. Why? Syrian refugees. 70% of those entering the mosque are under 30. Many are in university. They will all get married and have large families. These men are war hardened, determined, assertive, risk takers. They know hardship and are tougher men then their North American counterparts. They have more fortitude. Combine this with the forceful and dominant nature of Islam and it is the seed bed for a major crisis.
    What does the church have to counter this? WEAK and timid men crushed by feminism…belittled leaders, spiritual cripples…trying to lead a generation of consumer Christians using business-derived church growth models, with little or no anointing at all. Is this the army that is to meet the enemy at the gate? Will captives be taken from the strong with such rag tag group? Not without revival. God help us!

    During my time serving in rural West Africa, Islam’s first move into a community was a strong one. They would build a large mosque in a prominent place..even if there were no Muslims in the village yet. It was a very assertive psychological statement. “We are here and we are strong” “Islam” means “submission” and that is the message communicated before a word is spoken. It is an assertive stance and strong nature that is foundational in Islam…it comes in with a pressing vigor and a dominance that will never be matched by weak and aquiescent north Americans without true Spirit borne repentance and awakening.

    Sadly biblical history points toward much darker days ahead before God’s people repent and cry out to the Lord. It is left to the weeping prophets to carry this burden crying out their warnings in the cities. “Isaiahs and Jeremiahs” called to prophecy and warn God’s people until the cities lay in ruins.

    Don Longworth

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