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23 October, 2012 10:08

October 23, 2012

My Vision of the LORD JESUS CHRIST by Tommy Hicks

On the morning of July 25, 1961, at 2:30, I received a vision from the Lord, that has entirely revolutionized my whole life and ministry. It seemed as though I had hardly gone to sleep, when this vision came before me . . . not once . . . but three times. Oh, wonder of wonders when again on July 27 this vision appeared. In each instance, the details were identical.

Suddenly in the vision, I was standing with the full view of the whole world before me. From out of the heavens came great thundering and lightning. Accompanied with the phenomena, came a voice . . . a great voice . . . for it was the voice of God.

My face was turned toward the North. With a great flash of lightning covering the entire earth, I looked down and beheld a massive form that appeared like a huge Giant. I was amazed as I saw the Giant cover the earth. Its feet seemed to reach to the North Pole, and its head extended to the South Pole. The arms were dramatically spread from sea to sea. Again with another great flash, I saw that this Giant was alive . . . and yet strange to say . . . struggling to life. I said, "Oh Lord, what does this mean?"

This massive being was covered with debris and seemed to be fettered. As I viewed this being, it began to quiver, then almost go into convulsive gestures. As this took place I saw thousands of strange creatures. Every time the Giant would quiver, they would withdraw. However when it ceased to move they would return. I was definitely made to know what these creatures were. They were instruments that had bound the body of Christ through the ages.

Suddenly the right hand of the Giant came up. I heard a loud voice like a roar of thunder from heaven. Then his left hand was raised . . . and as I looked, I saw its hands extend into the very heavens. Then very slowly, the Giant began to rise . . . and with the giant hands, began to cleanse the debris from off its body. I saw it rise to its feet, with hands outstretched to heaven. So great that its hands were in the heavens, while one foot was in the sea, the other was on the earth. I trembled uncontrollably, never before seeing such a sight.

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  1. maynor Reyes permalink
    October 25, 2012 1:08 pm

    i know how painful is a vision like that , i had a vision moths ago as well but since then i cant be the same we need to seek God with a passion unstoppable

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