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27 July, 2012 11:32

July 27, 2012


I’m convinced that the reason we no longer hear and see great men and women of God as we once did is because we have avoided the ways and the process that made them great.

Only yesterday I came across this poem by F. E. Marsh that gives us insight into the ways and dealings of God. The way of the Cross we avoid to our own detriment. Today we would rather go to the beautician for a makeover than to the mortician for burial. Nobody wants to die to self in order that His mighty resurrection life might be manifested through us. Diamonds only gain their exquisite luster after they have been cut and polished; apart from that they remain virtually worthless. Allow the Master to refine, purify, mold, fashion and form you into His glorious likeness. The end result will be worth the process.

Here is the poem.

“Yes, I was living to myself – was dead;

Self, with its hopes and dreams, was all I had;

But soon the Lord fulfilled my prayer to know

The power of HIS CROSS – ’twas death below,

I asked contrition – and He sent me pain;

For purity – but anguish came again;

I asked I might be meek – He broke my heart ;

I asked – I knew not what – the better part;

I asked to know what death was to the world,

And quickly all my living hopes were spoiled;

I asked to be like Him – His image bear-

He placed me in a furnace, sitting there

Like one refining silver, till He see

The reflex of His image bright in me;

I asked that I the daily Cross might bear,

It lacerated me – the wounds I wear;

I blindly prayed, not knowing how nor what-

He took me at my word, it mattered not.

Then I began to shrink from following near,

And well-nigh prayed Him to depart, through fear;

To suffer was not pleasing to the flesh –

I learned to pray, lest suffering come afresh.

But I had gone too far – on I must go

The virtues of His Cross had pierced me through;

In me, His promise now fulfilled must be.

‘I, lifted up, will draw all men to me.’

Ah! I had only heard of love, but now

I feel it- oh! I feel its living glow.

He fastened on me such a look of love.

Withering to self, tender all words above –

Follow I must, whatever may betide;

I love the Cross, I shelter in His side-

That riven side, from which the glory beams,.

Whence life and healing flow in living streams.

Only by gazing, I become like Him

His name is all to me – He dwells within;

My calling is to live with Him alone,

Unlike all others, lacking what they own;

Content to be by all the world despised,

Knowing that I by HIM am loved and prized;

Content to be like HIM, and call HIM mine,

In fellowship, ineffable, Divine;

Happy to lose the brighter portion here,

That I may gain the weight of glory there:

Happy that when I well – nigh turned away,

His hand was on me, would not let me stray;

Happy to know that He-does all in love –

To bear the Cross below, the crown above

Happy that not my will but His be done ;

Happy in prospect of the rest of Home."

F. E. Marsh

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  1. July 27, 2012 3:24 pm

    Of what I feel I am not sure, but with tears afreash to, Him my heart does lure.

  2. July 31, 2012 9:59 am

    Reblogged this on Revival Bible Study.

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