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16 June, 2012 16:51

June 16, 2012


Ten men were responsible for Israel’s failure to enter into their God ordained inheritance. How could such a thing happen? God’s promise of a land flowing with milk and honey no doubt, kept the Children of Israel forever hopeful of freedom during their 400 years of bondage and servitude in Egypt. Following their miraculous deliverance from the house of bondage, they stood poised to enter the Promised Land. What should have been the culmination of four hundred years of longing anticipation resulted in an unexpected and untimely delay of forty more years. The generation that God intended to posses the land never made it, but perished instead in the wilderness. All because ten mature, wise, discerning and experienced leaders subverted the word of God.

In order to fully understand why this major setback occurred, we turn to Moses himself. Moses tells us that after informing Israel that God had promised to give them the land, he charges them to go in and take possession of it. Then he tells them; ‘Do not fear or be dismayed.’ What follows is very interesting and insightful. Moses tells us “Then all of you approached me and said, ‘Let us send men before us that they may search out the land for us, and bring us back word of the way by which we should go up…’” (Deut. 1:20-22)This was man’s bright idea, not God’s, even though Moses himself agreed to it. Israel is seen here overruling the word and wisdom of God. If they had simply obeyed God they could have all entered into their God intended inheritance instead of perishing in the wilderness.

After this fateful mistake, we find that ten of the twelve spies who returned decided that what God promised them was not feasible. They told the people that it was impossible for them to take the land because of the giants etc. God, furious because of their unbelief, penalizes the entire nation, delaying their journey for forty years.

These ten men, like so many leaders today choose to impose their own wisdom and interpretation into what God has spoken.

How many of people of God have failed to enter into their spiritual inheritance because of the same fear and unbelief?

The Body of Christ for years has been divided by the good spies and the bad spies. Unfortunately, due to the odds of ten against two, generations of believers have had to wander around in a spiritual wilderness, deprived of the gifts of the Spirit; part of their spiritual inheritance in Christ.

One shudders to think how these dispensational spies can get away with such shoddy, sad, and a shady interpretation of God’s Word. How could you look God in the face and declare that what He has promised is not true, and that if they were to delve into their rightful inheritance, they would be destroyed. Let’s face it, this has been the message of the dispensationalist for decades, ‘don’t pursue the gifts or you will become demonized etc.’ In other words the giants will get you.

I’m convinced that the Devil must be delighted beyond belief at having these ‘partners in crime’ working with him against God and His purposes. After all, if you rob God’s people of their spiritual tools, then they can’t function as He intended them to, and people will suffer because of it.

Isn’t it time we believed God and claimed our rightful inheritance? Yes, we may face a few giants on the way, but who are we going to believe; God or the spies?

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  1. June 16, 2012 9:38 pm

    It is amazing how the Word of God reads when you read it without looking through the lens your personal flavor or favorite preacher.

  2. July 10, 2012 5:03 pm

    How blessed I feel to have found this web site, It has been interesting to see what one can find (as I have recently had the internet put in our home). I thank you for your dedication & I look forward to getting more material (I do hunger & thirst for righteousness)> God bless you I thank Him for the faithfulness of HIS servants.

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