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14 June, 2011 09:06

June 14, 2011


Wise old Solomon stated, ‘So, there is nothing new under the Sun.’ just prior to this he writes, ‘That which has been is that which will be and that which has been done is that which will be done.’

How true that statement is. It is fascinating to observe, that when God created man in the beginning He intended for man to know Him in a real and intimate way. In the early chapters of Genesis we see how the Lord provided a certain pattern for man to walk in. These seeds will later germinate into what many refer to as the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. I jokingly refer to these seeds as the Gentile roots of the Jewish faith.

(Some will laugh while other scowl at the suggestion of such a thing.)

Forgive me I’m getting ahead of myself. When God first created man He placed him in a garden. This garden became man’s first home. Now when we think of a garden we imagine a plot of ground filled with flowers or vegetables, surrounded by some type of picket fence.

While we know that Eden had fruit trees there is something far more significant going on

than, Horticulture 101. The Bible states God planted a garden… This word planted is an extremely important clue or seed. The root meaning means to ‘drive in tent pegs’. The word garden means a ‘fence or hedge.’ Do you see the picture? God was creating an enclosure with a wall or fence around it. We later discover that the only entrance into man’s dwelling was from the East. Did I say man’s dwelling? Perhaps it would be more accurate to say it was God’s dwelling, because following man’s disobedience it wasn’t God that left but man that was driven out.

Prior to man’s disobedience God would visit them daily. How long the first couple enjoyed the manifest presence of God we don’t know – it could have been decades or a century or more before they gave place to the devil’s devices. During this dispensation of perfection man began his week by resting on the Sabbath before laboring for the next six days.

Clearly man’s home was God’s first tabernacle. Robert Govett is the only writer I have ever read that draws this parallel between the Garden of Eden and what we later refer to as the Tabernacle of Moses. Govett states that every time God created a Tabernacle or Temple there is a river associated with it, as in the Genesis record. He goes on to say that the other two Temples with rivers are found in Ezekiel and Revelation. He then makes the statement that when man builds a Tabernacle or Temple he is incapable of creating a river and can only create a laver instead. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if God’s redemptive plan of restoration involved man living in a paradise with God and with a river flowing through it etc, that He would have begun His creation in the same way? ( To him that overcomes, I will grant to eat of the tree of life, which is in the Paradise of God. Rev 2:7)

We also discover another interesting fact, and that is, that God gave man a twofold calling that of Kings & Priests. As kings they were to go forth from God’s house and subdue the earth. ( I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it) The other calling was that of a priest. As we study the Word we find that the highest calling of a priest was spiritual worship to God first and foremost and then the ministry to the people. Adam and Eve daily communed and worshipped God. They walked with Him and talked to Him. He was their Father, friend, and Creator. He tabernacled among them.

Another interesting seed we find, that after man sinned and was banished from God’s Tabernacle he returned to the garden with an offering or sacrifice. Most expositors tell us that Cain and Abel brought their offerings to the entrance on the East of the garden. The entrance to the Tabernacle was always on the East. It was there that God placed the Cherubim with the flaming sword. This would symbolize the brazen altar that we later find at the entrance to Moses’ Tabernacle. Cherubim later appear above the Ark of the Covenant as well as woven into the curtains of the Tabernacle.

There was approximately 2,000 years between the first Tabernacle and the Tabernacle of Moses. During this Gentile era there was a functioning priesthood referred to as the Melchizedek Priesthood. Interestingly this first Priesthood supersedes all others that were to follow. This is the Priesthood to which Jesus Himself belonged. Not being of the tribe of Levi He had no claim to the Levitical Priesthood but transcended that to become the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek.

During this 2000 year period there were some great and godly men. Men who had a close and personal relationship with God based purely on grace. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Enoch walked with God for three hundred years and had the testimony that he pleased God. Abel was accepted by God because of his faith, as was Abraham. The one thing they all had in common – they were gentiles.

What am I trying to get at in all of this? I’m simply trying to say that no one, Jew or Gentile has any right to boast before God. Whether our roots are Jewish or Gentile makes little or no difference. We are a new creation in Christ Jesus. The middle wall of separation is gone! We boast in God’s grace alone.

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  1. June 24, 2011 11:17 pm

    I agree with your exposé, David, I don’t see how this could be construed as antisemitic when in fact it’s drawing the truth of grace from Moses’ books. So many times God has included “the nations” in His prophesied visions for Israel’s purpose and future. We are one in Him, and that’s Yeshua’s desire and prayer – to bring everything as one in Himself so as to then give all to His Father in the end. Thanks for sharing candidly and wisely about all this… :O)

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